We have CNC milling machines with different working ranges (XYZ):
– 1000 mm x 650 mm x 600 mm (4 axes max. Detail length 400-600 mm)

– 2300 mm x 1400 mm x 900 mm (5 axis fi 600 mm – machining fi 800 mm)

– 2000 mm x 1400 mm x 1250 mm (cnc boring machine)

We make details on the request according to the documentation provided.

These details are used in many industries such as: automotive, mining, paving, prototyping, machine components,

injection molds and others.

We make series as well as multi-series series.

We use modern CAM software – EgdeCAM and SolidCAM to optimize the production process on the machine.

In the process of selecting the technology, we try to make the details in the shortest possible time, also to maintaining the required quality – we have our own measuring laboratory.

For production, we use proven tools that allow us to reduce production time.and giving the best possible performance

We are using also pallet fixing systems, shortening the time needed to exchange details for large-scale production.

The milling stations are equipped with overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 2t (8t launching the fourth quarter of 2019).



We have lathes with different turning diameters, for CNC machines from fi 10 mm to fi 800 mm, turning length up to 1200 mm, for manual machines up to 630 x 2500 mm.

Some of the cnc lathes have bar feeders, thanks to which we can increase the production efficiency by reducing the loading time of the material.

For complicated details, we also use the intercept with the Y axis, it allows the workpiece to be machined on both sides.This is eliminating re-ignition in several operations. For longer details, we use steady and / or lathe centers.

For programming lathes we also use CAM software – EgdeCAM and Solid CAM.


Punching / Trimming:

The company has hydraulic presses with pressure of 40, 60 and 80 tons.

On request, according to the documentation provided, we make embossed elements / blanking dies.

Our machine park allows you to execute orders starting from:

– details documentation,

– development of documentation for the stamping / punching tool,

– making tools for stamping / punching,

– pressing / punching of sample parts and entire series

We create designs in the CAD program – Solidworks, with the support of LOGOPress dedicated to the design of stamping tools / dies.



We offer welding services. We have a qualified staff specializing in MAG / MIG / TIG welding.

Welding methods are selected in accordance with the technical documentation. We attach great importance to the quality of the welds made, which affect the safety of the details.


Cutting on band saws:

We offer steel cutting services on band-saws

– rollers / tubes from Fi 4mm mm to Fi 420mm

– flat bars up to 420 mm wide

– cutting thickness from 2 mm, standard length elements 3 meters (it is possible to cut sections of 6 meters – on request).


Electroerosion treatment:

Beam wire with working area (XYZ) 600 mm * 400 mm * 350 mm, precise cutting of vertical shapes, eg blanking dies.

Machining for details requiring unusual shapes and precision.

A die cutter for parts with dimensions of max. (XY) 600 mm * 400 mm, (Z) max. 200-300 mm

Used in making complicated and precise shapes, e.g. in injection molds.


3D SLS printing:

Printing in laser sintering technology, used for rapid prototyping.

Working area 150 mm * 200 mm * 150 mm, printing accuracy 0.05 mm

We provide printing services from 3D model design to finished product.



Chamber furnace through working chamber 1050 mm * 1600 mm * 1800 mm

Used for own production and services – tempering, refining and hardening of details.


Cooperation services:

We work with many companies from the metal processing industry, plastics processing, machine and technological line repairs and others.

We invite you to cooperation.


Own production of devices from the energy industry

Core winders, coil winders.

Constructions of non-intersecting core cores and coil cores.

All interested are invited to contact us by phone or email. We will respond to your requests as soon as possible.
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